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Masayuki Taki, President

At least six months before the start of a new season, we decide what types of products we should manufacture for each customer. We produce not only words and written plans, but also actual products when making suggestions to our customers. This is our way of doing business.
In order to be able to do this, we must have the ability to not only predict what will be fashionable next season but also to create products as conceived by working closely with the most appropriate manufacturing plant. Planning earlier than anyone else and producing products based on speculation obviously involves some risk.
Therefore, we can contribute to our customers by making these decisions and putting them into action.
Assured manufacture due to early planning and implementation, competitive pricing, and the flexibility to respond to urgent changes in demand during the seasons-these create the value that only Takisada-Nagoya can realize.
We have established a local subsidiary in Shanghai to enhance our abilities of production management, material development and procurement in China.
In addition, we have developed bases for the inspection of our products in Shanghai, Nantong and Qingdao and also established Takisada-Hong Kong as the window to Southeast Asia.
These bases are closely linked under the control of the Shanghai subsidiary, and Nagoya Head Office is in charge of material development by using excellent technologies in Japan, as well as material procurement from Europe.
As a result, we have been able to complete the establishment of a mechanism to produce appropriate products with the appropriate textiles on a global scale and reliably deliver them on a timely basis.
Furthermore, by further enhancing the product planning and development capabilities and manufacturing power, which are our original strengths, we will exert our abilities even more effectively and support our customers' business success as their true partner.

Masayuki Taki, President

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