Men's Wear Department

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Materials for Women's wear
Men's Wear Department

Men's wear Department

Our four men's sections are grouped by item and target, such as coats, suits, pants, and jackets, and provide attractive products that deepen our customers' brand image.
The fact that customers can rely on us totally, not only for design but also for development of materials, which is a key point for fashion, commercialization, and sales floor planning, is part of the value of Takisada-Nagoya.
We can contribute to improvement of our customers' brand value through such things as suggestions concerning coordination from each of our sections and our advanced expertise in regard to each item.
In addition, we can flexibly handle production of small lots in short cycles through meticulous work with our cooperating factory in China.
We are also actively working on development overseas through Takisada (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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